Let’s help each other think about who or what we are calling out

Rachel Loud discusses Loretta Ross on calling in the Calling out Culture. Loretta defines it as “publicly criticizing people for what you think they believe, or what you think they’ve said, or how they behave. The emphasis is on public shame.” As mentioned, call out culture has been misused to tear down those who could be allies in the work for human rights . . .

“A group of people thinking the same thing and moving in the same direction is a cult. A group of people thinking different things and moving in the same direction is a movement.” 

Loretta Ross

Three great podcast episodes on the state of democracy

Team Human

Click to toggle on and off. Rushkoff addresses the cycle of bad faith arguments amplified by Twitter that end up destroying real conversation — and many talented people’s credibility. “Once you cross over into the land of make-believe facts — however earnest you believe your intention is — it undermines not only your argument, but the whole social fabric.”

The Rhys Show

Isabella Garcia-Camargo

Information counter warfare:
Isabella Garcia-Camargo works at Stanford’s Internet Observatory as a research analyst and the project manager for two amazing projects: the Election Integrity Partnership and the Virality Project


Democracy posits the radical idea that political power and legitimacy should ultimately be found in all of the people, rather than a small group of experts or for that matter arbitrarily-chosen hereditary dynasties.